Ann Powell & David Powell to Puppet Power: 2018 Conference!


We are excited to confirm Ann Powell and David Powell as presenters to our upcoming Puppet Power 2018 Conference.  Ann and David founded Puppetmongers (Toronto) in 1974, an internationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of puppetry.  They have created a dozen new plays for both young and general audiences, which have earned them and their collaborators a mass of awards.  In 1996, Ann and David started the Toronto School of Puppetry to share their creative approach and provide a collaborative learning space for the puppetry community, and for multi-disciplinary artists interested in expanding their theatrical palette.

Ann and David will be presenting a 90-minute talk, Story Development in Puppet Theatre, and a 3-hour hands-on workshop, Scripting for Visual Theatre, from Page to Stage.  In the talk, they will discuss Puppetmongers’ approach to story selection and story development into puppet theatre, including how they strive to develop creative collaborations that will help reveal the underlying meaning of the stories that intrigue while expanding their own conception of the potential of puppetry, theatre and storytelling.  In the workshop, through hands-on experience, participants will collaborate in small “production” groups to develop ideas or stories that they bring to the workshop, learning how to analyze and notate them as a storyboard script.  Once the storyboards are roughed out, the participants will make simple, quick paper puppets (and any necessary props and set pieces) with which to develop staging and movement.

Puppet Power 2018: Story is a Conference on Applied Puppetry, June 1-3, 2018, in Calgary, AB, Canada.  The conference will explore how puppetry, entwined with stories, can connect, empathize and make meaning of our world today.  Learn, play, and galvanize with hands-on workshops, talks, panels, and more!

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