School Programs

We have workshops, residencies & more!

WP Puppet Theatre’s puppetry based workshops and residencies present a wide range of opportunities to link to both specific learning objectives and to 21st century learning skills. Our goal is to support classroom learning, inspire students to be creators, performers and makers, and be a resource for both teachers and students.

In order to provide better financial, geographic and social/functional accessibility we developing many of our programs to be delivered as online synchronous classes or purchasable courses such as Playing With Shadows 

Puppetry is an umbrella for literary, visual and dramatic art forms. A workshop can be a scaffold to further learning and support development of the following competencies:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Problem solving,
  • Managing information,
  • Creativity and innovation,
  • Communication,
  • Collaboration,
  • Cultural and global citizenship,
  • Personal growth and well-being

Our workshop presenters:

Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, BFA,  the Artistic Director and Founder of WP Puppet Theatre. She has over 20 years of classroom experience and received the Puppeteers of America Marjorie Batchelder McPharlin Award for Education in 2016.

Barb English, BED, BA in International Relations from UBC. Barb recently retired from the Calgary Board of Education,  spent her career supporting students with complex social/emotional learning needs and is passionate about inclusive education, trauma informed practice, and using art as a medium to support mental health and wellness.

WP Puppet Theatre historically presents over 450 hours of workshop programming annually.

Resources for teachers

Artists in Residence Information Package
Courage Journey Suite of Workshops
School Puppetry Workshops K – 8
Images of Puppetry Workshop Projects

The School Workshop Program Directory for Grades K – 8,  indicates the width and breath of our workshop program. It can be used to choose a ready-made program or as a springboard to develop a new workshop plan based on student and classroom needs. Workshops typically include puppet making, script writing, character development & performance. All supplies and equipment are supplied.


Schools can fund up to 75% of these programs  through Alberta Foundation for the Arts with the Artists in Education Grant. Deadline is April 1 each year.

A student puppet show about settling arguments.

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.