Professional Development through Puppetry

Professional Development through Puppetry

WP Puppet Theatre Professional Development through Puppetry builds skills and provides inspiration on how to use the power of this art form in any setting. Our Professional Development programs are great for anyone who works with children—classroom teachers, play-school workers, recreational therapists, Brownie leaders, students and more.
We can also design custom programs to meet your specific needs, including Online Delivery. Professional Development

Our award winning workshop facilitators are Wendy Passmore-Godfrey and Barb English

Why professional development with puppets?

  • Provides increased understanding of the child. Children often reveal more information about their thoughts and feelings when playing with a puppet—about their home, concerns, fears and wishes.
  • Enables you to see differently. In participating in puppet play you may strengthen your relationship with the child. You become a teller of tales—a magic maker!
  • Enhances your own creativity. Regardless of whether you have used puppets for a long time or are new, you will discover hidden talents as an artist, performer or educator.
  • Provides alternative learning experiences. Equal importance must be given to the major areas of growth and development: cognitive, social, emotional and physical aspects of the individual. Puppets can integrate into all these areas allowing your students to encourage and build these skills.
  • Provides an atmosphere of fun! For you and your kids!

“Wow! Fabulous—lots of great ideas for the classroom that are practical and yet full of ‘adventure’!” – Joyce (teacher)

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Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.