Watch our Puppets being Existential!



Produced and sponsored by Day One Media

Thank you to Gil Ngai, Chief Storyteller, from Day One Media who wrote:
“Now here’s something you don’t see everyday and a culture that frankly, I knew nothing about. There’s a whole sub-culture of people who love puppets. Puppets give voice to the voiceless and help people to express deep, heartfelt feelings. Puppets actually help people to express themselves in ways they can not themselves. They help people open up and find healing and connection.
We sponsored WP Puppet Theatre with this promotional video about their upcoming puppet conference. At D1M we believe in charities and non-profits who do social good. That is why we’ll give away at least 10% of our company resources to help social good non-profits every year to help tell their stories. If you are on a non-profit team that needs this kind of help, connect with me!”

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