Support Local This Holiday with Unique Gifts

Support local this holiday season by buying unique gifts from Calgary-based businesses.

With retail stores at limited capacity and online shopping delays, it’s a great time to shop local! WP Puppet Theatre has a variety of unique items that could be the perfect gift for a loved one. We have handmade puppets, one-of-a-kind art pieces, crafting and performance materials, classes and more! Each of our items has a story behind it, and you can feel good knowing you are supporting a local non-profit organization with any purchases you make.

Here are a few items currently for sale in our shop:

Book sculpture that appears as though it has a person inside trying to get out The Book Consumed Me Sculpture 

A whimsical art piece perfect for any book lover. Made by our Artistic Director, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey


Rod Puppets

A set of cute rod puppets to tell stories over years to come. They can also be bought individually.



Auger in a Plexi Tube

We suggest, (with a bit of a smile) that this could be a great gift for that person that has everything! What could                                                                              they do with it? Let us count the ways! Play a game of                                                                                   hide-the-auger, (particularly challenging as it’s 1 meter                                                                               tall) or use it as a hat stand? A maypole? A candy dispenser?                                                                          A gerbil enrichment center? They could even use it as a                                                                      Christmas Tree!


Find more of our unique items in our Online Shop Here


It can be difficult to shop for that person that buys everything for themselves. Rest assured, these items will not be found anywhere else. And, all items have reasonable prices. We strive to make art afforable and accessible for everyone.

We thank you for being a part of Calgary’s Comeback! Thanks for shopping with WP Puppet Theatre and other local Calgary businesses. We appreciate your support!


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