As Seth Godin says “Marketing is no longer about selling a product, it’s about Telling your Story”. We invite you to become a sponsor and tell your business story with puppets!

Thank you to our  Puppet Power Sponsors and Partners: 

Other opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Puppet Pop Up Studio: Recognition on our indie videos of the family-based program which creates fun every month!
  • School performances: Recognition on our take home materials going out to over 5000 audience households
  • We also welcome goods and service in-kind sponsorships. We look forward to creating the best opportunity to fit your business needs.

WPTS Sponsorship opportunities 2018


We are please to be participating in ArtsVest ™, a business for the arts ‘ signature matching incentive and sponsorship training program, designed to spark new business sponsorship of Canada’s cultural sector. ArtsVest provides small-to-mid-sized arts and culture organizations with the expertise and tools needed to develop sponsorship opportunities with local business, through in-depth sponsorship training, matching incentive funds and community networking events.

Any sponsorship that we secure by August 2018 ArtsVest will match!

ArtsVest™ Alberta is operated by Business for the Arts, the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta and Calgary Arts Development



Please contact  admin@wppuppet.com or 403-228-3373

Nineteen reasons to become a sponsor

  • Target a diverse and discerning audience
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Support community action
  • Enrich local community life
  • Promote civic participation
  • Increase volunteering
  • Deliver a legacy for the future
  • Build a movement
  • Demonstrate your commitment to social change and innovation
  • Connect with generations of engaged and informed citizens who “think globally and act locally”
  • Establish a relationship with our partners and audiences
  • Advance inclusion and tolerance
  • Strengthen intergenerational links
  • Improve social capital among vulnerable groups
  • Celebrate and empower the powerless
  • Create invaluable opportunities to learn from the experience of others
  • Encourage people to use their lives to make a difference around the world
  • Build a community that is proud of what you’re doing and want to be part of it
  • Use your trusted brand identity to improve attitudes and to promote the idea that people should do good
  • Improve your business’ reputation as responsive and aware
  • Cultivate leadership skills by providing students with opportunities to understand responsible citizenship