Mental health. It’s become a buzz word lately. We know it’s important, and yet somehow it often seems elusive. How do you access it, assess it, change it? How is your mental health? How do you know?  View From the Inside: Courage Journey (VIEW) is a puppetry-based workshop that encourages discussion about mental wellness. Through the creation, exhibition and performance of a self-reflective mask-body puppet, participants develop community, foster resiliency and gain a voice for their stories.

VIEW is a series of eight workshops for 10-20 participants. Workshops can be tailored for any group—seniors with dementia, youth new to
Canada, people experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, and foster children are some of those who have recently participated and benefited.  Participants in VIEW work through a process of self-reflection and growth, using the creation of their mask to develop a sense of themselves, who they are and who they want to be. They become friends, often developing extremely close bonds and coming to rely on each other in ways that far outlast the VIEW sessions.

View from the Inside: Courage Journey demonstrates that puppets have a special power as metaphors and proxies, and stories have a power transcending time & culture. It’s also clear that the creative process can help diverse groups of people to better understand each other, promote diversity, inclusion and provide a platform to express significant social issues. And this is healing through the arts manifested.

We Need Your Help
Each session of VIEW is 100% funded by donations, sponsorships, and grants. Supplies and the time of professional art facilitators are essential to the success of each workshop, creating the environment for successful engagement. One 8-week session costs $5,000, and your sponsorship commitment to VIEW contributes to these costs. Your support will create opportunities for people to experience improved mental health and community connection by taking part in VIEW without barrier. WPPT has a long list of groups who would like to take part in VIEW but can’t afford to pay for it. Your support will make this possible.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, download the View from the Inside Sponsorship Package 2019 or contact Wendy Passmore-Godfrey at admin@wppuppet.com or 403-228-3373.


Thank you to our Puppet Power 2018 Sponsors and Partners: 

Nineteen reasons to become a sponsor

  • Target a diverse and discerning audience
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Support community action
  • Enrich local community life
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  • Deliver a legacy for the future
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  • Demonstrate your commitment to social change and innovation
  • Connect with generations of engaged and informed citizens who “think globally and act locally”
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  • Advance inclusion and tolerance
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