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Courage Journey

WP Puppet Theatre’s first View from the Inside programs, in 2015, were done at Pathways to Housing, Circle of Support and Studio C. The participants, who were often marginalized, racialized and struggling, took an immense risk to work outside their comfort zones.   They created self-portrait mask-body puppets to tell their stories. They were vulnerable … Continue reading Courage Journey

Kites are just upside down marionettes

Let’s go Fly a Kite! “A kite can be thought of as an upside-down marionette” says long time WP Puppet Theatre volunteer and set/puppet builder Tam Godfrey. He shares this short video “How to Make a Simple Sled Kite” describing how to make this kite with just a compost bag, bamboo skewers and tape. Enjoy … Continue reading Kites are just upside down marionettes