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FREE sessions – PuppetPower 2020

FREE sessions at Puppet Power 2020: Puppets go Existential and ONLINE. Learn some Blackfoot words, think deeply, get inspired! We have three pre – registered panels and/or talks that are free to attend. Check them out!  CREATING ART WITH CHALLENGING THEMES Saturday, May 30, 2020 9:30 AM Puppeteers find inspiration in many different places, including true stories … Continue reading FREE sessions – PuppetPower 2020


I had a great time at CTV Morning Live a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks to Joelle and the crew for inviting me on to talk about my favourite subject – puppets! Here’s a few tips for Puppets DIY  in case they’re useful: Enjoy the process and don’t worry about a pattern or a … Continue reading PUPPET DIY in THESE DISTANCING DAYS

Existentialism – an apt theme

  We couldn’t predict the current global state of affairs when we chose the theme for Puppet Power 2020, but it’s ended up particularly apt. Puppets Go Existential. Existentialism: A philosophical inquiry that is concerned with the experience of being a thinking, feeling, acting, living human. Examining existence. Questioning the meaning of life.  As the … Continue reading Existentialism – an apt theme

Artificial Intelligence: Curatorial Thoughts on Puppet Power 2020

by Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, Puppet Power 2020 Curator The Artificial Intelligence stream of our Puppet Power 2020 conference – “Puppets go Existential” is provoking some ‘Deep Thought’. (Reference intentional to IBM’s chess playing computer and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). I spent time over the holidays reading poet, Brian Christian’s fascinating 2011 book “The Most Human Human … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: Curatorial Thoughts on Puppet Power 2020