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We are now accepting proposals for Puppet Power 2020

We want to hear from you! WP Puppet Theatre is now accepting proposals for our conference, Puppet Power 2020: Puppets Go Existential We invite proposals for: 90 minute Talk/Demo about your puppetry arts practice and how it relates to one of this year’s conference themes; 3 hour Hands-On workshop on a facet of puppetry i.e. … Continue reading We are now accepting proposals for Puppet Power 2020

Past Initiatives

Recently completed an amazing project to mark Canada’s 150 Anniversary Created over twenty unique puppet productions, with themes ranging from frogs to friendship.  Performances Produce “Puppet Power” an international conference series that shows how puppets broach serious issues like family violence, prejudice or mental health. We train people how to use puppetry for their own … Continue reading Past Initiatives

Canada 150

WP Puppet Theatre marked Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation in 2017, with a special puppet project, that sought to connect people of all cultures, celebrate the land and remember our Canadian values of generosity and courage. We  created a community video of a modern-day story about Canada’s new (unofficial) avian emblem – the Gray Jay.  We invited … Continue reading Canada 150