Artist Bio’s

Suzanne is a psychotherapist and art therapist having earned her Masters degree from St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton.

In her spare time Suzanne volunteers and continues to develop her painting and mixed media representations. Her volunteer experiences include Wellspring, OMA (Open Minds through Art), Calgary Children’s Hospital, Roots of Empathy, Creative Aging Calgary Society and WP Puppet Theatre.

She has a passion for bringing people together for art activities that nurture the soul. Suzanne’s goal is to support children and adults who suffer from loss and to continue to foster healthy relationships by building community. Follow Suzanne

… completed a Masters in Art Therapy from Concordia University where he worked with adolescents in outpatient psychiatry. In 2006 Allan returned to Calgary and began working with families affected by domestic violence and homelessness at the YWCA of Calgary. Allan coordinated the Creative Arts Therapies programs at Alberta Health Services for individuals affected by cancer.

Currently he is an instructor at Mount Royal University in the Department of Child Studies, a Yoga teacher at various Studios in Calgary and surrounding area and is Program Manager of VIEW from the Inside for WP Puppet Theatre.   Follow Allan


The process started with the eerie sensation of having my face cast and feeling the plaster gypsum harden. Who am I? There wasn’t anything too coherent – turtles hiding inside their shells, vortexes in space, a really cool way of making a horn from cardboard.

I worked some more – always something to remember – don’t get discouraged with your creation until you’ve put a whole lot of hours into it – and added prairie wheat, a prism that will make lovely rainbows, a map with it’s own map pin, a boney finger and an animal nose. Finally I added a star ‘mole’ and some copper eyes.

What does it all mean? All these disparate elements that come together like ingredients in a cake, to make the ‘me’ I am.  Difficult to pin an identity down, dangerous to pin a label, complicated to encapsulate in one image – we are really shape shifting through a mixing bowl of feelings, memories, reactions and potentialities.