VIEW for Adults & Seniors

“Powerful and impactful. Uniquely resonating”


VIEW from the Inside is an award-winning program that invites adults and seniors to explore their creativity in a friendly, supportive community.
In the 8-week course participants make a self- portrait- based puppet which becomes a nuanced artifact resulting in an amazing legacy project!

“I took the online course and from the moment the box of art supplies arrived on my doorstep it led me on a journey of confidence to do more art and play”


VIEW invites participants to explore their creativity in a friendly, supportive community. Participants make a self-portrait based puppet -mask which, together with a videoed performative reflection, becomes a nuances artifact resulting in an amazing legacy project

Recipient of the ATB Healing through the Arts Award





  • 8x 75 minutes classes
  • 5x 60 minutes open studio skill sessions
  • Kit of basic supplies including blank mask form
  • Digital PDF of participant handbook
  • Access to skill demonstration videos
  • Organized gala showcasing final projects
  • Qualified facilitators



Over 500 people from a diverse range of communities have participated in VIEW since its inception. Participants say it:

  • Fosters Resiliency
  • Builds community
  • Encourages self-reflection
  • Creates a legacy
  • Provides a voice
  • Brings fun and creativity


“The experience brought me joy and poignancy as I (re) discovered aspects of myself… it provided a time capsule of when and where I was at the moment”


VIEW, in its own unique way, offers the opportunity for participants to address some of the isolation and mental health challenges we are currently facing. All VIEW workshops include reflection, community building and discussion. Arts interventions offer significant opportunities for emotional expression, social interaction, improving motivation, and relief of some negative symptoms associated with mental health challenges.


(Gussak, 2006; Henderson, Mascaro, & Rosen, 2007; Lyshak-Stelzer, Singer, St. John, & Chemtob, 2007; Puig, Min Lee, Goodwin & Sherrard, 2006; Rusted, Sheppard, & Waller, 2006)



Research shows that art programs give seniors the opportunity to be actively creative, engage socially and share the very important and often lost stories and wisdom of their lives. In addition, art making builds self-esteem, enhances quality of life and creates a meaningful legacy as a result of a lifetime of experience.


“The symbolism of the mask provides a safe container for participants to deeply explore dimensions of themselves that they may otherwise not feel comfortable processing and/or sharing” – Guidance Counsellor


VIEW is delivered either in person or online

It is available for groups, organizations OR individuals.

It is suitable for youth, adults and seniors.




   Here are some of the Performative Reflections that we’ve archived from past groups: