Welcome to the VIEW Gallery

Welcome to the VIEW Gallery Welcome to the VIEW Gallery

Welcome to the VIEW Gallery, Come on in, , Admit one! to our FREE interactive virtual gallery, housed on the Kunstmatrix platform, features work from our winter and fall participants. Visit and explore the beautiful and impactful creations. The gallery includes photo images of the self-portrait-based masks, an artist statement about each art piece and compilation videos of their performative reflections.

VIEW from the Inside is an award-winning program that invites participants to explore their creativity in a friendly, supportive community. This online gallery is a celebration and collection of this impactful work from our fall and winter participants.

Welcome to the VIEW Gallery - Henry from Carya 2021Over 8-weeks participants create a self-portrait-based puppet representing many aspects of the self. The outside of the puppet represents our ‘public face’. There are “attachments” which represent our connections to the world, and the inside represents our inner world and memories. Participants prepare and present ‘performative-reflections’ derived from journaling and other writings. The stunning result is visually represented in the gallery through images and video.

The goal of this thoughtfully sequenced program is to promote confidence, mental well-being, and self-discovery; while nurturing creativity, wellness, and community connection. Together we create art, participate in fun drama exercises, and share our stories in small group discussions.

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WP Puppet Theatre with the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research, is undertaking research on the VIEW program that will focus on different domains of well-being. The researchers will explore participants’ growth in resilience, sense of community, self-reflection and voice for their stories.

We are grateful to the Rozsa Foundation for their generous support of our project.

Help fund our research and help to keep the program financially accessible. 

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Welcome to the VIEW Gallery

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