Why is the most important question

“Why?” is the most important question & doesn’t get the credit it deserves. When we’re 5, we ask it incessantly, then we lose our curiosity. 

Pourquoi la question la plus importante

¿Por qué es la pregunta más importante

لماذا هو أهم سؤال

सबसे अहम सवाल क्यों है


Prečo je najdôležitejšia otázka

Kwa nini ni swali muhimu zaidi

The world is always changing and “Why?” is always a relevant, important question. The potential that it carries when asked is immense and the knowledge and empowerment it provides when answered is unmatched by any other force. 

With this in mind, WP Puppet Theatre has created a new puppet, aptly named WHY. This puppet is used to spark and ignite the curiosity within children, a campaign for children to interact with puppets in an engaging way in order to explore their knowledge and understanding of the world. 

WP Puppet Theatre has a strong inclusion and diversity policy within our organization and we’re proud to be putting that into practice. Diverse representation means deeper engagement as we remove barriers and hear from all our varied audiences about what is valuable and important to them. 

Which is why we need your help. We want to hear your voices. We’re asking children to join the WHY movement and send in their questions.

These videos will be housed in a collection on WP Puppet Theatre’s YouTube channel, under the WHY playlist. 

If this is something you and your class would be interested in participating in, please send in your videos to admin@wppuppet.com and make sure to follow along on our channels @wppuppet and #WHYpuppet 

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