About WP Puppet Theatre

About WP Puppet Theatre

WP Puppet Theatre provides learning opportunities & shows for children, youth and adult audiences.  Based in Moh’kinstsis – Calgary, AB since 1991, we are a not-for-profit charity. We tour regionally and internationally, providing original programming reaching over 2000 people annually.

About WP Puppet Theatre - Online programs
Click here to check out our on – demand courses, DIY projects and shows. Inquire about booking online learning opportunities for all ages.

Since 2020 we have expanded our in-person programs to address geographic, financial, social and functional accessibility. We now offer on-demand courses and on-demand performances.

We also facilitate and present programs online, enjoying the potential to reach people across the globe.

Our mandate is to use the power of puppetry to impact positive social change. Believing that puppets have a special role as representatives and that art has a responsibility and opportunity to mirror and shape reality, our goals are to:

  • Provide tools and builds skillsets to Express voice.
  • Empower and develop healthy and engaged individuals.
  • Foster Empathy and inspiration by connecting diverse audiences.

In November 2022 WPTS approved a Strategic Framework for the next four years. It seeks to address our recovery and re-emergence with the:

  • Long-term operational impacts of Covid i.e.: funding and audience engagement.
  • Shifts in technology and media consumption
  • Societal demands for social justice and change.

Our programs

  • Production and performance of original puppet theatre for schools and communities
  • Online workshops that provide increased financial, geographic and social/functional accessibility
  • Wide range of face to face learning experiences in schools
  • Family Fun Pop Up workshops, both face to face and DIY, as well as other resources
  • VIEW from the Inside – a puppet infused program promoting positive mental health
  • Puppet power training for all helping professionals i.e.: teachers, social workers, and therapists
  • Support emerging puppetry artists by providing opportunities to showcase their craft
  • Produce ‘Puppet Power’ – international festival on applied puppetry

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.