People & Puppets

People & Puppets

Introducing the People & Puppets who are our Staff, Contractors and Board of Directors for W.P. Puppet Theatre Society

People - Wendy Passmore-Godfrey

Wendy Passmore-Godfrey (BFA)
Artistic// Executive Director and Founder
Making puppets and performing  beginning as a child with some cardboard and craft sticks.  Her visual art website:  wpassmoregodfrey.com
Photo: Sean Dennie

People & Puppets Nikesh Harrinarain

Nikesh Harrinarain (BComm, CA)
Accountant and Administrator WPTS
Nik is a musician and composer. He is passionate about serving the arts community through both his accounting knowledge and music talents.
Check out his Youtube channel.

People & Puppets Kira Kulicki

Kira Kulicki (BA Comms)
Marketing and Communications Manager
Brings a wide variety of communications and marketing experience to her role as she strives to build meaningful connections throughout the arts community and beyond.

People & Puppets Barb English

Barb English (BA, BEd)
Workshop Facilitator and Education Consultant.
VIEW from the Inside Program Manager

People & Puppets Suzanne

Suzanne Clease (MPS-AT, CCC, PCAT, BEd)
Suzanne is a professional art therapist with a Master’s degree in psychotherapy. She is a consultant and facilitator with VIEW from the Inside 



Board of Directors

People & Puppets Board membersKyle D. Mack, President
Anthonia Ashade, Treasurer
Hong Feng, Secretary
Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, Founding Director
Mirza Beg, Director
Nathan Millar, Director
Karen Morley, Director
Urouj Rashid, Director
Tammy Thompson, Director

Puppet Profiles

Meet WHY! “Why?” is the most important question in the whole universe. and WHY wants your questions.
Blueberry Johnson puppet
Our patriarch puppet, Blueberry Johnson, is an important influencer at meetings.
Homer the Elf puppet
A seasonal star, Homer the Elf, performed with Miss Mollie for a number of years.
The Carrot puppet
The Carrot, from one of our most hilarious Puppet Pop Up Studios.

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.