Acknowledgement of Supporters

Thank you! On behalf of the people and puppets from W.P. Puppet Theatre Society
Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, Artistic & Founding Director 

Waiting to add your name HERE to our December 2021 Giving Tuesday campaign! 

Many thanks to Ken Lee for allowing our use of his story
“The Gray Jay and the Magpie” for our online programming. 
As he writes:   
“I am impressed by your strong commitment to mental health and social inclusion.  I am just getting started as a new nurse, and there are times that I feel that our culture is too reliant on medications to address health concerns.  But it is the power of imagination and art that will be crucial to people’s overall health”.


Many thanks to an anonymous donor, who also wrote:
WP Puppet Theatre makes significant artistic and social contributions to the Calgary and area community. It is sincerely appreciated; we extend our thanks and gratitude to all your members and volunteers. 

On going Donors

Bethany Ross
Tam Godfrey

Ongoing funders