Puppet Videos and Screenings

Puppet Videos and Screenings

We are pleased to offer our favourite stories from past productions as short puppet videos. There are three ways to access:

Puppet Videos and Screenings1) On-demand access is $12.00 + GST CAN through our online shop. Purchase includes; the password for accessing the private Vimeo link, and the downloadable Activity Guide plus puppet project making instructions.

2) Online (Synchronous) Screening with Artist talkback, puppet demo, Q&A. Available for community groups, libraries or classrooms anywhere in the world! The 1 hour program is facilitated though Zoom or alternative and costs $300 + GST.  BOOK  NOW!

3) In Person Screening with Artist talkback, puppet demo, Q&A. We bring the projector, you supply the audience! Great for community groups, libraries, classrooms in Calgary and area. Program runs one hour with an option to also purchase hands – on puppet workshops. Cost is $300 + GST. BOOK  NOW!


Puppet videos and Screenings - Tube Worms

“Tube Worms”, is a shadow and hand puppet show performed to Wendy Passmore-Godfrey’s original poem inspired by the extraordinary hydrothermal vents, wondrous deep-water creatures and concern for this precious environment.

Buy the Angler Fish instructions, Tube Worms Puppet Show Video & Activity Guide bundle from our Online Shop


Tube Worms Activity Guide

Activity Guide that takes a deeper dive into the science wonders of the ocean as well as some fun poetry writing.




Angler fish

Angler Fish Instructions and you have a complete puppet program!




Purchase Angler Fish puppet supplies (Set of 2)
Mailed to your door for just $8.30 CAN
Click HERE


Puppet Videos and Screenings - Greedy Frog

“The Greedy Frog”. is a cautionary story reminding us that water is an important part of everything. An activity guide to accompany the video is also included. When you purchase this resource you will get the password for accessing the private Vimeo link.

Originally an Australian folktale, about a frog who swallowed all the water in the world, but it’s given a modern overtone with found object puppets and modern water issues. A child holds the key to the padlock though and saves the world!

“Our students were delighted and mesmerized by the show. This blend of fun and learning through the arts is wonderful to see” (teacher).

Buy the Frog-sicle Puppet, Greedy Frog Puppet Show Video & Activity Guide bundle from our Online Shop.  You have a Toad-ally Awesome puppet program for your students to create puppet plays with.


Activity Guide with fun Frog facts and more.





Frog-sicle Puppet

Purchase Hopping Frog puppet kit for just $8.30 with supplies for 2 puppets.


Recently Wendy (AD of WPTS) had a terrific time leading an online presentation with patrons of the Vancouver Island Library system. She screened a puppet show video called Tube Worms, which features lovely shadowy underwater puppets and a precocious Sally hand puppet. Then she went Behind the Scenes to show the puppets and props and share more ideas on making puppets for the dark – like blacklight and LED puppets. The audience from all over the Island, Haida Gwaii to Ladysmith, had lots of questions and comments – “your puppets are awesome”, “the vampire squid was my favourite”, “My kid was clearly inspired” 

As WPTS strives to present fact-based science, together with puppet fun, it was thrilling to receive this feedback from someone who knows!  “I wanted to write to Wendy and give her an A+ on her tube worm anatomy. I’m a deep sea explorer and I’ve seen the ocean floor and hydrothermal vents, and her animals are perfect.  I’m happy she’s sharing her love for the deep!”

Using the power of puppetry to impact social change.